Bawarrion GEORISE45 Jeep Wrangler JL

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The world`s first Jeep JL suspension system with geometry correction for both, the front and rear axles. System includes dynamically engineered shock valving, frequency tuned springs and more.

Bawarrion proudly presents the first true sport suspension for the Jeep Wrangler JL with a lift height of an incredible +4.5” (114mm approx.) as suggested by its name GEORISE45.  Thanks to fully corrected geometry, the Bawarrion GEORISE45 achieves performance both on and off road that has never been experienced before. It doesn’t matter if you are on a winding country road, cruising at highway speeds, or towing a heavy trailer, the Bawarrion GEORISE45 will handle every situation perfectly.  As expected, the Bawarrion GEORISE45 also shines offroad by providing an incredible amount of suspension travel, articulation and solid predictable stability in even the roughest conditions.  The new frequency-tuned springs are noticeably complemented by the shock absorbers, which were specially developed by Bawarrion and tuned with KW Automotive‘s dynamics test rig.

GEORISE45 also includes Bawarrion steering knuckles which raise and correct steering geometry while providing incredibly solid and direct steering when using even the largest tires.

GEORISE45 accommodates up to a 37“ tall tire with OE low fenders installed and up to a 39“ tire in high fender applications without tire clearance restrictions through the suspensions full range of travel.


Jeep Wrangler JL 2018-



  • Increased safety due to dynamically engineered and tested shocks and springs.
  • Improved vehicle safety and handling due to control arm geometry and roll center correction for both front and rear.
  • Increased ride quality is supplied by our frequency tuned springs.
  • Increased articulation is provided from ball joint style shock mounts.
  • Increased payload capacity and safety approved by TÜV.
  • Corrected geometry will allow increased speed, handling, and safety in all driving conditions.
  • The High Steer knuckle and tie rod system provides improved on road handling and dynamics while also increasing off road performance and clearance.
  • Fits up to 37” tall tires with standard OE fender flares and can be increased to clear an astounding 39” tall tire when the Bawarrion X-Tenders or Mopar High Fenders are installed.
  • Bawarrion SD-Trackbar for front and rear optionally available

Additional information

Weight 242 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 29 in

2 Doors, 4 Doors


2.0L / 3.6L Gas / 2.2L Diesel, 2.0L Hybrid, 3.0L EcoDiesel / Bawarrion V8, 6.4L HEMI


narrow axle [DJE] [DRE] [DJD] [DRZ], wide axle [DJF] [DRF]


High Fender / Bawarrion X-Tender, Standard Fender


>37" up to 39", up to 37"


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